2021 Membership, Race, and Practice Fees

Club Membership Fees (click HERE to see what membership includes)

Road Race only Membership

Sprint/Road Race/Moto Combo Membership

MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass * $150

MAC Track Reserved Pit Space - PKA Combo Member (see notes below) 

PKA Road Race Fees

First Two Entries - NWKA Club Member $225

First Two Entries - Non NWKA Club Member $300

Novice First Two Entries $150

Each Additional Entry $25
Road Race Pit Pass Per Event $12

JR Entry (all Junior classes per class) $60
Pit Pass, children 4 and under (must Sign Waiver) FREE

MAC Track Sprint Race Fees

Sprint Entry (PKA Members) Kart and Driver includes $5.00 for the Barrier Fund $80
Additional Sprint Entries (PKA Members) Kart and Driver $30

Family Racer Entry (PKA members) Multiple drivers in immediate family. Family head, spouse, childern under 18.    $55.00 per driver after first entry. $55

Sprint Entry (Non-PKA Members) Kart and Driver (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $110

Additional Entry (Non-PKA Member) Kart and Driver $70
Kid Karts (All) $40

Sprint Practice Race Weekend (PKA Member w/ MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass) $15
Sprint Practice Race Weekend (PKA Member) $30

Sprint Practice Race Weekend (PKA Non-member) $60

Pit Pass per Day $10
Pit Pass children 4 and under (must sign waiver) FREE
All RV Parking and camping per night (Limited Hookups) $20

MAC Track Motorcycle Race Fees
Practice PKA Member w/ MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass $15
Practice PKA member $30

Practice Non-member (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $60

Pit Pass Per Day $10
Pit Pass Children 4 and under (must sign waiver) FREE
All RV Parking and Camping per night (Limited Hookups) $20

MAC Track Weekday non/race weekend practice fees
All Weekday Practices requires sign in at Fairgrounds office prior to practice
PKA Member w/ MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass $15
PKA Member (Any PKA member) $30

Non-member "must be with a PKA member" (includes Event Membership Fee of $5) $60
Pit passes - non-driver (includes Event Membership Fee of $5 for non-members) $10
Pit Pass Children 4 and under (must sign waiver) FREE
RV Parking Per Night (No Hookups) $20

PKA Road Race Membership $100.00
A Road Race Membership includes:

  • Become a member of the oldest and one of the most historical kart clubs on the West Coast. Membership in PKA’s volunteer non-profit club gives you, the member, a voice in the direction of the sport of Karting.
  • As a PKA Road Race Member your membership helps keep the sport of Karting on the Road Race tracks alive and well in Oregon and the Northwest.
  • Receive special discounts on products and Services provided by partnering business and clubs.
  • Reduced entry fee for NWKA Road Race Events.
  • Receive PKA Newsletters and updates of coming events.
  • NOTE: Driving on the MAC Track is not included in this membership.
PKA Sprint/Road Race/Moto Combo Membership $200.00

A Combo Membership includes everything from the Road Race Membership as well as:

  • Access to the MAC Track driving a kart or motorcycle for all practice days as well as their respective events.
  • Individual Lap print outs of day’s races (possible fee)
  • Reduced entry for MAC Track Club events.
  • Eligible for the Race Voucher Program.
  • $30.00 Practice days at MAC Track on weekdays and non-race weekends. Subject to track availability.
  • Membership with PKA aids in the funding of safety upgrades to PKA’s Tracks and Race Support Equipment to provide the Racing family safe and fun filled racing events.
NOTE: If you sign up for a PKA Combo Membership on or before March 15th, you'll receive a $50 discount to the membership fee.

MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass $150.00
A MAC Track Yearly Practice Pass will include

  • Practice at PKA’s MAC Track for only $15.00 per family member during weekdays, hosted weekends, as well as the race weekend practice day. (excludes NWKA regional events) Subject to track availability.
  • If you and your family likes to practice for the big race or you just can’t get out to the track on a race weekend but still have the urge to get on the track more than 5 times in a year then the MAC Track Yearly practice pass is for you. It can save you your hard earned cash in the long run.
  • A PKA Combo membership is required to purchase a Yearly Practice Pass.

Reserved Pit Space MAC Track $50 Members, $100.00 for Non-Members

PKA Offers those who like to have the same spot each race weekend, an opportunity to do just that.

  • There approximately 30 reserved pit spots available.
  • Reserved Pit spaces are good for one calendar year.
  • One space of your choice, 18’ at center section or 10’ x 40’ side sections
  • Pit spots are reserved for you at all Club events.
  • NOTE: Reserved Pits spots are not available at any regional, club/regional combo, or national event.
  • Camping fees are not included in the reserved pit space.