2021/2022 Winter Series Dates Posted


2021 PKA Awards and Annual Meeting Notice Post date: Oct 27, 2021

To All Members of Portland Karting Association Regarding: Annual Meeting will be November 21, 2021 We are going to meet at the Lewis Pavilion located at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds. The meeting will begin right after the winter race, at 3:30 PM and finish by 5:30PM.

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PIR Road Race Information Post date: Aug 24, 2021

Racers the Road Race at PIR on August 28th is only 5 days away. If you have not registered yet this is a reminder that pre-registration closes in 2 days. Anyone camping over-night Friday evening will be allowed into the track from 4:00 PM to 10:30 PM, while registration is open onsite at PIR. We will stage at the Pro Drive area until the other group is finished on track at 5:00 PM then move into the North Paddock area. After 5:00 PM we will cross at the drag strip entry as the drag group has a break in action. We will have a photo of the staging area at registration on Friday evening when you arrive to register and enter. See you at the PIR Track!

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PIR road race Post date: Aug 12, 2021
ICP Cup Road Race #4 at Portland International Raceway August 28th. Registration is now open. On Friday August 27th from 4:00 PM to 10:30 PM, we will be at the track to do registration. Anyone who would like to register and/or enter the pit area is welcome until 10:30PM. There is security at the front gate of the track, no entry after 10:30 PM if you have not registered and received armbands. Camp overnight is in the North Paddock and available. Registration will re-open on Saturday morning at 7:00AM. Drivers meeting is at 8:15AM on Saturday morning. This road race track offers several turns, a long front straight into the infamous chicane at turn 1, couple of turns to the long sweeping back straight and then a tight last turn. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Portland International Raceway August 28th for round #4 of the ICP Cup Road Race 2021.
Work Party Post date: Aug 7, 2021
Track clean up 8/10/2021 4pm - 8pm The fair is almost over. Tuesday the 10th, we will need you help to put the track back together. Please come out and help. All helpers will receive a free practice session.

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