Rotax Update

Spec Gearing

Attention all Rotax Micromax and MiniMax drivers,

Mandatory spec gearing will be required at all Gold Cup events for 2010 this year as required by Rotax National. Gearing is open for all other RotaxMax classes.


Bill Hettick
Gold Cup Coordinator


New Exhaust System



Senior Class Competition Age Definition Update

To: All USRMC Members/All USRMC Series Officials
Subject: Age update for eligibility in Senior Max Class


This notice changes the date on which the competition age of a competitor is determined

With the 2010 change by CIK to a uniform Dec 31 date for determining the competition age for all age categories USRMC will make the change in the Senior Max class from a competition age date of Oct 31 to competition age date of Dec 31. This change brings uniformity throughout the USRMC class structure.

Effective date of change; March 1, 2010

Each series should make sure the class structure for Rotax classes are included in track submissions to insurance carriers. This class structure submission must include the age definition criteria.

It is the responsibility of all series officials to determine how this change may affect event insurance coverage. If any series needs to deviate from any specifications from the published USRMC rules structure they are required to submit in writing rules and specification deviations along with reasons for requesting change authorization.

Requests for changes to rules specifications and structure should be submitted to the Program Director office. Responses to all requests will be within a timely manner but requests should be submitted in a time frame to all USRMC officials to review and make responsible decisions.

Marshall Martin
Rotax Program Director
US Rotax Max Challenge
Office 574-289-3040
Cell 574-532-6180
Fax 603-696-0701