2021 PKA Awards and Annual Meeting Notice

To All Members of Portland Karting Association
We are going to meet at the Lewis Pavilion located at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds. The
meeting will begin right after the winter race, at 3:30 PM and finish by 5:30PM.
We are excited to talk about the upcoming track configuration options. We want to thank all
our sponsors for their help last season and going forward.
We will reconize our 2021 champions and our 2021 drivers of the year.
We will review the 2021 season, changes and what got us through the year. We will review the
2021 season rule book and send our proposed changes with our Club representatives to the regional NorthWest Karting Association meeting January 8-9, 2022.
We will be voting for board members and officers for the 2022 season, there are three (3) board
member positions up for election this year; Don Holmboe, James Francis, and Shawn Kies. A board member is elected to a two (2) year term, and there are three positions up for elections. An officer position is for one (1) year. We highly encourage members to take
advantage of the opportunity to become board member and help directly shape the future of
karting in the North West.
Please join us to celebrate class winners from the 2021 OSKCS season, plan for the OSKCS 2022
season and plan for the future.
Your Portland Karting Association Board.
We would like to celebrate our 2021 champions
Kid Kart
Kart# Name
51 Paige Torrey
59 Lucas Parada
66 Axel Bowdish
JRI 206
Kart# Name
16 Lewis Dilley
26 Riley Torrey
60 Jack Bowdish
JRII 206
Kart# Name
11 Cameron Hill
LO206 Senior
Kart# Name
638 Jeff Lewis
613 Lucas Eyth
55 Peter Grant
Briggs World Formula Heavy
Kart# Name
18 Brennan Gregg
45 Bryan Green
638 Jeff Lewis
AC 100 Master
Kart# Name
303 Shawn Kies
6 Eugene Havenga
219 Adam Ansteth
Shifter Master
Kart# Name
8 Guy Celestre
We also like remind everyone of our 2020 Drivers of the Year and we are taking nominations for the 2021 Drivers of the Year
If you would like to nominate someone for 2021 driver of the year please contact one of the PKA board members or let us know on our facebook page.
2020 Road Race Driver of the Year
Jeff Lewis
2020 Road Race Most Improved Driver
Adam Anseth
2020 Sprint Driver of the Year
Jeff Lewis
2020 Sprint Most Improved Driver
Peter Grant
2020 Junior Driver of the Year
Mauricio Parada
2020 Junior Most Improved  Driver
Riley Torrey
2020 Mechanic of the the Year
Don Holmboe
2020 Sportsman of the Year
Daniel Mendez
2020 Hard Luck Award
Sergio Tapia