Winter Series

Series Info

The Winter Series is a kart series hosted at MacTrack by PKA during the off-season of karting.  This series is not a traditional series in that points are not kept and a champion is not crowned at the end of the series.  The intent of this series is for PKA to offer an oragnized day of karting once a month during the off-season, and to encourage everyone to come out to the track for a day of fun, rain or shine.

Traditionally, the schedule for the day is roughly as follows.  Gates open at 8am, we'll practice from 9am to 12am. Then we'll separate into two groups: Juniors from Seniors.  Each group will have two Australian Pursuit races.  At the completion of the races, the track will remain open for practice as time and enthusiasm allows.


How we run Australian Pursuit...

Each participant will get their fastest lap taken from their MyChron.  Drivers will be placed on the grid, slowest to fastest.  Each driver will be waived onto the track by the grid steward.  The time each driver has to wait depends on their lap time compared to the driver in front of them and the number of laps being run.  For instance, if Driver #2 is 1 second a lap faster than Driver #1, and we're running 10 lap races, Driver #2 will wait 10 seconds before they're allowed to start the race.  In theory, if everyone drives their target lap time every lap, every kart would reach the S/F line at precisely the same moment on the final theory.  Any driver exceeding their recorded lap time by more than 10% is disqualified.  In other words, no "sandbagging".

The value of this format for the Winter Series is that you can have a good time with limited numbers of a given class of kart, since all classes run together and are competing with eachother.  It also doesn't require engine tech since you're only competing with your own ability to consistently run your target lap time.


PKA Winter Series
Nov 21, 2021 Winter Race #1 @ MAC Track    
Dec 19, 2021 Winter Race #2 @ MAC Track    
Jan 16, 2022 Winter Race #3 @ MAC Track    
Feb 13, 2022 Winter Race #4 @ MAC Track    
Mar 13, 2022 Winter Race #5 @ MAC Track