2020 Sprint Schedule

Oregon State Karting Championship Series
Apr 5, 2020 OSKCS #1 @ MacTrack CCW Old Track  
Apr 26, 2020 OSKCS #2 @ MacTrack CCW Short Track  
May 17, 2020 OSKCS #3 @ MacTrack CCW New Track  
May 24, 2020 OSKCS #4 @ MacTrack CCW New Track  
Jun 21, 2020 OSKCS #5 @ MacTrack CW Old Track  
Jul 5, 2020 OSKCS #6 @ MacTrack CCW Old Track  
Aug 16, 2020 OSKCS #7 @ MacTrack CW Short Track  
Sep 27, 2020 OSKCS #8 @ MacTrack CCW New Track  


2020 PKA OSKCS Registration Form


2020 ICP Cup Sprint Series
May 22-24, 2020 NWKA Regional Event @ MacTrack CCW New Track  

Online ICP Cup Registration - MacTrack - May 22-24

PKA Winter Series
Dec 1, 2019 Winter Race #1 @ MacTrack    
Dec 29, 2019 Winter Race #2 @ MacTrack    
Jan 26, 2020 Winter Race #3 @ MacTrack    
Mar 1, 2020 Winter Race #4 @ MacTrack    
Mar 15, 2020 Winter Race #5 @ MacTrack    

The Winter Series has been a great place for those new racers that just got a new kart or a new set up and have not had chance to try it yet and it is also a great time just to get out and get on the track after being locked in the house for a couple of months.

The Winter race series is open to PKA members and non-members alike with the reduced fee of just $39.00 per driver. $10.00 pit pass for the crews and friends.

Gates open at 9:00AM with practice and racing through out the day. Format of the Winter Series is improvised and may run forward or backwards, new or old configuration, all from a flip of a coin at the track.

Don Holmboe will be your Race Director for the series along with other dedicated PKA members to ensure a great time is had by all.

The last race date in March will be an excellent time to start the pre-tune for the OSKCS or  the NWKA Regional Series.